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Jack Russell Terrier - The facts every owner of this dog breed should know

Jack Russell Terrier - The facts every owner of this dog breed should know

Originally bred from the 19th century from Parson Jack Russell, an avid hunter, chosen traits that could help him in hunting. Running puppies, Jack Russell Terriers were bred to become daring and eager to flush prey out from the woods, certain foxes.


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As a working dog, Jack Russell Terriers often get an athletic build and boundless energy. Jack Russell Terriers puppies  are extremely intelligent, but also stubborn and willful, which may make them extremely difficult to train without any wake.

For a working and hunting puppy, The Russell do have the hunting instinct within these and have been know to think about smaller family pets prey. But this doesn't necessarily mean that they cannot be good pets.

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The Russell are typically very good with children and tender with them whenever they know how to approach puppies. Jack Russell Terriers live 15 decades or longer.   Jack Russell Terriers have many diverse kinds of coats of this shorthaired variety (some are smooth, some are not) but are simple to maintain with cleaning.

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Short legged dogs are suited for a myriad of living, but do need to be exercised regularly, at least once per day, due to their seemingly boundless energy. Without regular opportunities to exercise and play, they will get bored and start to bark at everything and become destructive.

If Short legged dogs has to be left alone for a protracted time period without the opportunity to exercise, it's advised that they've been crated until it is possible to allow them to exercise. Jack Russell Terriers are fearless and will run off without even thinking.

A fenced in area is a must for a Jack Russell Terrier, however the fence needs to be deep enough since they are diggers, and tall enough not to jump over. An average sized Jack Russell Terrier can jump five feet very readily. There are a number of health issues with this breed.

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A few Short legged dogs are more prone to dislocation of the kneecaps, inherited eye disorders, deafness, Legg Perthes - a disorder of the hip joints, as well as glaucoma. These days, there's some dispute regarding the breed and breed standards.  The AKC does not formally recognize the Jack Russell Terrier, believed a working dog. 

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